Who We Are

Inception of CYBERISK came into being with cyber risks being emerging day by day, and a gap most of the information security firms tends to fill, so we are part of it – with certainty that we will definitely add value and strengthen security of our customer’s businesses.

CYBERISK possess expertise in assisting customers with providing solutions tailored to their requirements in cyber security space, such like so that they can have confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We serve in protecting and nurturing businesses with application security, network security, data security, vulnerability assessment & remediation, penetration testing, compliance, digital identity risk, and security awareness.

Vision & Mission

We do not compete, we create alliances, because our Vision is to secure the information technology
infrastructure and digital footprints. Our Mission is to strengthen the cybersecurity industry
of Pakistan with the most convenient, reliable and trusted security services and solutions .


We are partners with industry's leading next-gen security solutions to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats.
- Next-Generation Firewalls
- Intrusion Prevention & Detection System
- Advance Threat Protection
- Network Visibility & Monitoring
- Firewall Security Management Policy
- Log Management (SIEM)
- Vulnerability Management
- DDoS Mitigation
- Threat Intelligence
- Privilege Access Management
- Multifactor Authentication
- Password Management
- Web Application Firewall
- Static Application Security Testing
- Dynamic Application Security Testing
- File Integrity Monitoring
- Data Leak Prevention
- Hardware Security Module (HSM)
- Encryption


“ We are committed to deliver the best services to our customers”

Our Services Portfolio

- Vulnerability Assessment
- Penetration Testing
- Compromise Assessment
- Network Security Audit
- Application Security
- Security Awareness
- Bootcamps

Our Clientele

Why Choose CYBERISK?

We’re just a call away either pre sales or post sales

CYBERISK was founded with the mission to render formidable IT Security Solutions to all sectors of Pakistan. With cyber risks emerging from known and unknown hideouts and increasing day by day. It has rather become imperative to cover all gaps, and this is a gap CYBERISK exists to fill. With experts on our panel, honesty in our intentions and dedication in our work, we are known to add value and strengthen the security of our customers' businesses.

CYBERISK's expertise lies in assisting our customers with providing tailored solutions catering to their requirements in cyber security space, with customers' confidentiality, integrity, and availability being our top priority.

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